23 Questions I Have For Literally Anyone Who Was Involved In The Making of Disney’s Beauty And The Beast

Katie Fustich
7 min readMar 19, 2017

1. Perhaps not a qualm with the live-action adaptation in particular, but I never quite understood just what was so “unusual” about Belle. The commonfolk of Villeneuve really seem to detest Belle’s strange ways, but the specifics of this strangeness are never fully realized. Is the strangest thing about her that she likes to read? If so, that’s just…

Moving on!

2. Was there a particular reason why Belle literally wears sand-colored Tom’s shoes for 80% of this movie? Though it appeared the label had been removed, the lil’ tab on the back of the shoe was still there for all the world to see. Is it possible Emma Watson forgot to remove her casual footwear after arriving on set?

3. Why was the woman in this live-action version so notably less desperate for six eggs? What kind of significant divestments in the economic system of this little provincial town have occurred between 1991 and 2017 that would lead to such a decrease in the disparity in the egg to consumer ratio?